Journey 2 Toni: Do I have a cold?

Many of you, or rather, none of you know me. So let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Toni, I am a 31...

Macro Nutrition Tracking (and What the Heck a Macro is)

When someone asks me how to get started on working toward a fitness goal; whether it is to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain,...

Bi Love You

That's right - we love and embrace every aspect and individual on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum - and we proudly extend that pride for Bisexual awareness...

September Is Suicide Awareness Month

September is here... the leaves are starting to change and fall off the trees, the air is getting cooler, Pumpkin Spice is back at all...

Marco? BROLO! – ‘BROTHERS’ hits Fundraising Goal

BROTHERS: A Web Series birthed by super team, Emmett Jack Lundberg (Creator) and Sheyam Ghieth (Producer) hit their fundraising goals for another episode. Aiming for $9,877...

Transformational Words an awe inspiring video we should all take a second to watch

"Transformational Words" is a transgshort film I've been working on for a little while and it reflects my narrative on being trans and what...

Three-Part Video Series that Will Help Every Guy with his Facial Hair Watch as Aydian Dowling runs through three video episodes on his YouTube account, ALionsFear about grooming, sculpting, and manscaping.

Navigating The White Collar World As A Trans Man

I have worked my ass off to get where I am today. I’ve worked in the professional marketing field since college and am currently...

Big Brother Chris: FTM Airport Tips

The plethora of videos and resources available online for FTM transgender people is diverse in topics covered, opinions revealed, and spokespersons. Even so, there...

VIDEO: What Makes Me a Man?


ABC NEWS: Trans Couple Conceives Two Sons The ‘Old Fashioned’ Way

Bianca and Nick Bowser, who were born male and female, respectively, conceived their two sons naturally. While the couple both identify as transgender, they...

Do I regret Lower Surgery? Perspective from a Dr. Crane Patient

Youtuber Dade Barlow gives his accounts of bottom surgery

The Process of Transitioning | A. Hawk

It’s funny how you can think about a word so much without thinking about its actual definition.  The word “transition” lodged itself in my...

Thoughts on Bottom Surgery: “Do I Still Belong Here?” | Clifford Rabbit

While immensely grateful for having undergone a complication-free phalloplasty surgery, I return to pondering my place in society – do I still fit in...

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services changes under Trump

Last month, the agency removed web pages that contained frequently asked questions about a law ensuring that trans people are covered by non-discrimination laws...

Their Hope: An Untold Narrative of Trans Experience

“I pray that this message reaches your heart.” This is Jordan Hope Miller’s wish. Jordan is a 29-year-old trans man from Patchogue, New York...

Trouble in Paradise for Chase Ross

Chase Ross. You may have heard of him. FTM magazine recently donated over 800 items to his giveaway. A giveaway in which he alone...
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Interested in Writing for FTM Magazine?

Are you interested in writing for FTM Magazine? It's now become one of the easiest things. We want to grow into a platform for...

8 TV Shows with Trans Men Roles in Them

Shameless(US), Trevor The Fosters, Cole  The Fosters, Aaron The L Word, Max Degrassi, Adam Hollyoaks, Jason Orphan Black, Tony Faking it, Noah
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What does FTM stand for?

FTM is an acronym for Female to Male, as in a trans person who has crossed from typically feminine to typically masculine gender expression. We also use the acronym to stand for – For Trans Men, to more widely encompass our potential audience.

Is this magazine PG?

FTM Magazine in its print version is suitable for all ages. We’re often found in healthcare and business offices and can never be sure who will pick us up so we tend to stay acceptable for a general audience.

We do recommend that for younger readers, parents take a look through the issues to ensure that the content is suitable by your standards.

On the website, there is a Tab and Tag for NSFW (Not safe for work) material, so we can still have conversations around sex and sexuality.

Is this magazine for me?

There are many magazines and publications for the trans community at large, for genderqueer or nuetral folks, as well as generally masculine (dictated by culture) magazines. We recommend looking into all of the options and finding a publication that best suits you. Not all forms of media are designed to by everything for everyone.

FTM is, most basically put, a magazine for men who happened to be born and assumed female at birth. Whether that means using hormones or surgeries to align their bodies, or simple transitioning socially.

We hope you can get support from our topics, writers, and content. If you feel you fit in our audience and aren’t seeing something you’d like to, please consider writing in about this topic to help fill the gaps in experiences.

Is this Magazine available in Print?

FTM Magazine has officially made the move to the digital era, and is currently only available in PDF form. Perhaps in the future we will continue to print, but at this time the evolution of publications has lead us here.