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Big Brother Chris: FTM Airport Tips

The plethora of videos and resources available online for FTM transgender people is diverse in topics covered, opinions revealed, and spokespersons. Even so, there...

To Disclose or Not To Disclose, That is the Question.

Applications for anything can be the biggest nuisance. Whether you’re applying for a job, an apartment, a new dog, you have to provide a...

3 Real Ways to Make Money for Surgery From Home | Mack Chandler

There are tons of articles out there with tips on how to make money from home, but most are scams or simply not legitimate...
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Macro Nutrition Tracking (and What the Heck a Macro is)

When someone asks me how to get started on working toward a fitness goal; whether it is to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain,...

Fitness Friday (ON MONDAY!): Resiliance

I have to be honest, sometimes I am hesitant to talk about fitness in fear that people will think that all that fitness comes...

What does FTM stand for?

FTM is an acronym for Female to Male, as in a trans person who has crossed from typically feminine to typically masculine gender expression. We also use the acronym to stand for – For Trans Men, to more widely encompass our potential audience.

Is this magazine PG?

FTM Magazine in its print version is suitable for all ages. We’re often found in healthcare and business offices and can never be sure who will pick us up so we tend to stay acceptable for a general audience.

We do recommend that for younger readers, parents take a look through the issues to ensure that the content is suitable by your standards.

On the website, there is a Tab and Tag for NSFW (Not safe for work) material, so we can still have conversations around sex and sexuality.

Is this magazine for me?

There are many magazines and publications for the trans community at large, for genderqueer or nuetral folks, as well as generally masculine (dictated by culture) magazines. We recommend looking into all of the options and finding a publication that best suits you. Not all forms of media are designed to by everything for everyone.

FTM is, most basically put, a magazine for men who happened to be born and assumed female at birth. Whether that means using hormones or surgeries to align their bodies, or simple transitioning socially.

We hope you can get support from our topics, writers, and content. If you feel you fit in our audience and aren’t seeing something you’d like to, please consider writing in about this topic to help fill the gaps in experiences.

How do I change my mailing address?

For subscription address changes, please use this form

For single purchase items, contact ASAP

How can I get involved?

The easiest way to get involved is to write content for the website. We accept all articles and submissions, and choose our staff writers and editors from return guest writers.

When we have positions available for hire or volunteer, they will be listed below:

–No position available at this time–


September Is Suicide Awareness Month

September is here... the leaves are starting to change and fall off the trees, the air is getting cooler, Pumpkin Spice is back at all...

Skylar Kergil introduces his book “Before I had the Words”

You can now pre-order a copy of Skylar's book here. He will be at the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference Sept 7-9




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Stef and Ty Sitting in a Tree…..

YEP. You guessed it... K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Trans power duo Stef Sanjati and Ty Turner are confirmed in a relationship! The YouTube Moguls have been creating hilarious...

A Working List of Gender-Affirming Surgeons that take Insurance/Loans

Without a doubt, the costs of transgender procedures can be ridiculously pricey.  It can be challenging to save up for these surgeries, especially with...