El Lye, International Online Trainer from Malaysia has been a fan and reader for years now. We've followed his fitness and personal training journey since he first started tagging his Instagram photos with #ftmmagazine. Since then he's risen to...


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What Trans Means To Me | Toni Robinson

Being trans was something that I only knew about in my late twenties and then it became something that I understood when I turned...

New YA novel starring a Transgender Superhero – Avalon Knight: Gentleman’s Club

Avalon Knight: Gentleman’s Club is a new YA novel starring a transgender super hero. While I was excited to read a book about an...

Bi Love You

That's right - we love and embrace every aspect and individual on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum - and we proudly extend that pride for Bisexual awareness...

Marco? BROLO! – ‘BROTHERS’ hits Fundraising Goal

BROTHERS: A Web Series birthed by super team, Emmett Jack Lundberg (Creator) and Sheyam Ghieth (Producer) hit their fundraising goals for another episode. Aiming for $9,877...

Skylar Kergil introduces his book “Before I had the Words”

You can now pre-order a copy of Skylar's book here. He will be at the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference Sept 7-9

Aydian Dowling shares two of his work-out secrets

Aydian Dowling, founder of Point Five Athletics and personal trainer released a video on his YouTube channel ALionsFears about when the best time to...

A Duet with Himself- Before and After Testosterone

As we grow older, our body naturally changes. When you are on testosterone specifically,  your larynx - which is commonly known as the voice...

Should you buy a pinky ring?

"Put your pinky rings up to the moon"?! (Bruno Mars - 24k Magic) Who wears pinky rings? No one, I thought. So I did a quick...

Food Prep Sunday, Greek Chicken Pasta Recipe

Ingredients  1 (16 ounce) package linguine pasta 1/2 cup chopped red onion 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 pound skinless, boneless...

Fitness Article: On Breaking Through a Plateau

Okay bro, you’ve been hitting the gym hard and noticing some changes, hopefully people around you are noticing those gains too. Unfortunately, the only...

Tips for Keeping up with your T Shots

It may seem to you, particularly in the beginning, that you'll never get to a point when you forget to take your T shot....

It’s All About Consistency – The importance of Timing and your T shot

Many of us have probably had the inclination to brush off a late shot; one delayed by work, socializing, travel, anxiety, or forgetfulness. There...

Journey 2 Toni: It’s just a little prick…

Although I have two tattoos I hate needles with a passion, don't judge me either because I got those tattoos while I was slightly...

Looking For a Top Surgeon?

With my top surgery right around the corner I'm thinking back on this whole process of how I got here, and how when I was...

3 Real Ways To Make Money For Surgery At Home

There are tons of articles out there with tips on how to make money from home, but most are scams or simply not legitimate...

Minnesota Medicaid says Yes to Gender-Affirming Surgeries

A victory for Transgender residence of Minnesota, as their version of Medicaid (known as Medical Assistance, or MA) now fully covers gender-affirming surgical procedures. Minnesota...

Trans 101: Episode 2 by Chase Ross featuring Terminology

Don't worry, if you missed Episode 1, it's right here

Ten Things the Trans Men in Your life wish You knew

Over my life as a transgender man I have had moments I wish I could have said something to someone close to me but...
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Open letter to my trans best friend

An Open Letter to my Trans Best Friend

First and foremost, you need to not only know, but also understand that your story is among my favorites I have had the pleasure...
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Interested in Writing for FTM Magazine?

Are you interested in writing for FTM Magazine? It's now become one of the easiest things. We want to grow into a platform for...
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What does FTM stand for?

FTM is an acronym for Female to Male, as in a trans person who has crossed from typically feminine to typically masculine gender expression. We also use the acronym to stand for – For Trans Men, to more widely encompass our potential audience.

Is this magazine PG?

FTM Magazine in its print version is suitable for all ages. We’re often found in healthcare and business offices and can never be sure who will pick us up so we tend to stay acceptable for a general audience.

We do recommend that for younger readers, parents take a look through the issues to ensure that the content is suitable by your standards.

On the website, there is a Tab and Tag for NSFW (Not safe for work) material, so we can still have conversations around sex and sexuality.

Is this magazine for me?

There are many magazines and publications for the trans community at large, for genderqueer or nuetral folks, as well as generally masculine (dictated by culture) magazines. We recommend looking into all of the options and finding a publication that best suits you. Not all forms of media are designed to by everything for everyone.

FTM is, most basically put, a magazine for men who happened to be born and assumed female at birth. Whether that means using hormones or surgeries to align their bodies, or simple transitioning socially.

We hope you can get support from our topics, writers, and content. If you feel you fit in our audience and aren’t seeing something you’d like to, please consider writing in about this topic to help fill the gaps in experiences.

Is this Magazine available in Print?

FTM Magazine has officially made the move to the digital era, and is currently only available in PDF form. Perhaps in the future we will continue to print, but at this time the evolution of publications has lead us here.