There are tons of articles out there with tips on how to make money from home, but most are scams or simply not legitimate ways to make money. Here is a list of tried and true sites that I have used to make money. Please note, however, that these are not necessarily ways to make a living, but rather a way to supplement your existing income in an effort to pay for surgery.


Amazon Mechanical Turk, or Mturk, is a great way to make extra money for surgery. Mturk is an online platform where researchers from various universities pay anywhere from $ 0.01 to upwards of $5.00 for taking surveys. In addition to researchers, “requesters” (the people paying for your work) range from companies looking to digitalize pictures of text, to elementary school teachers looking for a faster way to grade quizzes. I have been a part of Mturk since September 2016, and have made $663.94 so far. Again, this kind of income isn’t enough to live off of, but certainly enough to make a considerable dent in the cost of surgery, provided you already have a stable source of income. Making this amount of money in 3 months takes about 8 hours a week, but individual results may vary, as workers are paid based on work done rather than hours worked. This option, however, is best for someone very comfortable with computers. In order to maximize your earnings, you’ll need to download and run certain scripts on Chrome to ensure that all the requesters you’re choosing to work for will follow through and pay you for your work. This is a lot easier than it sounds, because my fellow turkers over at are very helpful and have listed many resources for turkers who are just starting out.


CrowdSurf is another online platform like Mturk, but different because the work you’ll be doing is exclusively transcription. CrowdSurf is a company that serves as the middleman between broadcasting networks and transcriptionists. Basically, CrowdSurf pays you $0.05 to $0.17 per 5 to 20 second audio clip transcribed. You’re then payed within an hour of being inactive on the site through WorkMarket. This doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up pretty fast. The average audio clip pays around $0.10, so roughly 10 clips earns you $1.00, which ain’t bad!


I have only recently started using Craigslist to browse the job market, but no list would be complete without it. I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous Craigslist. This can be a legitimate way to make money, as long as you are very conscientious in who you decide to work for. Steer clear of ads that boast a ridiculous amount of money per week, and don’t answer ads for “models,” unless you’re already into that sort of thing (no judgement). I would recommend looking at the design subsection of the gig page. If you’re a skilled graphic designer, artist, or writer, you can often find people looking for help with their projects. Not all of the gigs on the site are necessarily work from home gigs, but if you’re willing to get out of the house, try snow shoveling/plowing or yard work, as those types of gigs don’t require you to go inside anyone else’s house or enter into an enclosed space with someone you don’t know. Always trust your gut with these kinds of things, because unfortunately Craigslist attracts too many scammers to count. The website can also be extremely useful, as long as you use it wisely.

It can be easy to get down and blue from the seemingly impossible task of paying for surgery, whether it’s top or bottom. Whatever surgery you’re planning to get, and however much it costs, know that you will get there.

By Mack Chandler

***”The information I have provided in this article is solely opinion-based, and should not be considered professional financial advice.  I don’t make any guarantees as to what results may or may not be obtained from using my content. Pursuing any endeavors as a result of using my content will be done at your own risk.”

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