Since 1998, the European legal system has become more supportive of LGBT rights. However, many parts of the continent have a way to go. If you are traveling throughout Europe, then you will want to visit the most LGBT friendly cities.

Here are the five cities that should be at the top of your list.


London has historically been known for having a rather conservative culture. However, the new generation is becoming increasingly progressive, particularly with views on LGBT issues.

London LGBT Pride is one of the biggest LGBT events in the UK. This past year, a gay police officer that attended got worldwide recognition for proposing to his partner.

While discussing the surprise proposal, The Telegraph also talks about the role of the Met Police LGBT Network.

“This [the Network] is a culmination of two years’ work, which started with a conversation over coffee in Berlin at the European Gay Police Association conference in 2014,” PC Anton Brown, chair of the Network told reporters.


5 LGBT cities in the UK


Amsterdam is known for being one of the party center of Europe. People all over the world visit to partake in activities that are banned in other parts of the world. The reputation is mostly positive, because people generally travel there to enjoy themselves.

Aside from its tolerant attitudes towards pot, there are other very progressive things about the city. It has a very tolerant attitude towards LGBT rights. According to I Amsterdam, over 500,000 people attend Amsterdam Gay Pride every year.

Gay and transsexual people  don’t need to wait for Gay Pride to be welcomed with open arms. Amsterdam is always very friendly towards LGBT people. You can enter any establishment without fear of discrimination.


5 LGBT friendly cities in the UK


Paris has a longer history of supporting gay rights than just about any city in the world. In the late 19th Century, many gay people would openly express their views in the Champs Elysées.

In the early 1900s, the Montmartre and Montparnasse were two of the first nightclubs that specifically served lesbians. Since people are more inclusive these days, fewer bars focus solely on serving LGBT members.

In the 1960s, a new sexual liberation movement swept the city. The LGBT community gained wider acceptance than most other parts of Europe. Marais became the most popular district for LGBT people, but other districts are also attracting members of the LGBT community.

Since Paris has such a long history of supporting LGBT rights, you should feel right at home.


5 LGBT friendly cities in the UK


Berlin has played a role in transforming the mainstream political views of Europe (usually for the better). It has played an important role in expressing tolerance of LGBT views. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that it is considered one of the most popular travel destinations for LGBT tourists.

If you travel to most other cities in Europe, your opportunities to meet other LGBT people are limited. That isn’t the case in Berlin! There are dozens of venues that are very popular with the LGBT community, which include:

  • CoCo Bahn Mi
  • Markthalle Neun
  • Berlin Burger International
  • California Breakfast Slam
  • Café Anna Blume
  • Any U-Bahn station
  • Weekend Club
  • Kaffee Burger
  • Möbel Olfe
  • Silver Future

There are dozens of other great bars, restaurants and cafes to check out. You will find no shortage of things to do during your visit to Berlin! The only downside is that you can’t access certain websites in Germany, unless you get a VPN first.


5 LGBT friendly cities in the UK


Richard Ammon, an author at Global Gayz, states that Barcelona is possibly the most LGBT friendly city in Spain. He points out that a poll on The Independent showed that it was one of the ten best cities in the world for gay, lesbian and transgender people.

“ Of course it’s impossible to say anything is the ‘best’ thing in this complex and multi-layered world but I will ignore that issue  and claim that the twin cities Barcelona and Sitges offer LGBT denizens of this partied-out and discriminated world one of the most desirable areas to live… Let’s start with an opinion poll of which there are many; I picked this one from the British newspaper ‘The Independent’. In no particular order this poll produced, arguably, a list of the ten most desirable ‘gay cities’ as follows: San Francisco, New York City, Mykonos, Greece, Sydney, Paris, Barcelona/Sitges, Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen and Berlin… My choice for number one is Barcelona because it has certain distinctions that move it to the head of my list.

If you are planning on traveling to Spain, then Barcelona should be one of your stops.

By Monika Tudja

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