You think we ease back into the cis world because of how we look so you banish us from the community (We’ve seen you ask why we’re in your space)… But you don’t understand that the cis guy world does not embrace us as their own either.

We are middle landed outsiders and we have a magazine.

So I’m not sorry that this magazine is meant to service and reflect the FTM (in the title…) Female to Male Transsexuals of the world. In using the title FTM we almost guaranteed it.

This article has sprouted from an Instagram post on FTM Magazine last night. A screen capture of the website’s top 6 FTM Personalities. [I had spent the last 3 solid days barely eating or sleeping because I got the visual solution to my problem and focused right in. It was like painting, only digital. I’m so proud of it! Still haha.

The scale of masculinity is a spectrum just like everything else. I don’t need to be told what is and isn’t masculine, but the things that are labeled as gendered in the cisgender world are things I gravitate toward naturally. I am a man. Thus, I’m ‘binary’ – meaning when all my many puzzle pieces fit together to make me… I can be generalized easily into the ‘male’ category… aka, I “pass” – A word used by the non-binary and keyboard-Allys to push binary guys out of the queer community. A word like cis-passing means directly that there is a trans-looking… The existence of binary trans men is not the irradification of the non-binary. It’s simply different. and Trans Looking…That’s a slippery slope and stands to diminish anything a “cis-passing” trans man is dealing with or in need of.

Toxic masculinity – the raw animal aggression and dominance only in a civilized society. (Aka the mean monkeys in the big zoo pen that fight for alpha title so they can mate).

Binary behavior is not automatically toxic. Binary behavior is not automatically toxic.

Back to the Instagram post

Business wise, I need to remain conscious of the data. If someone is willing to hit ‘follow’ on the social media platform of someone they like and admire, they’re more likely to take the time to order a magazine that person is in or on. Statistically.

So your ‘follow’ or ‘subscribe’ is like a vote.

Jaimie Wilson has almost half a million followers on Instagram. 422,000 Something. And the 11 under him knocked each other off until we couldn’t find another FTM Instagramer with more than 55k followers. (If you know one, DM me their username)

We want people who are involved with, or new to the community to come to the site and get connected with the information they need. This is why we have detailed articles about each aspect of transitioning, state by state resources, guides, videos, and multiple magazine titles. Not just pretty faces lol.

On our website, in part, we want to host the guys who have been around forever and consistently put themselves out there as representations of men who were born like us and have embraced visibility in the FTM community.

Lets take a community vote…

The data of the world has just been illustrated in my Instagram post/website addition. It’s awesome that people are mad about who they’re not seeing… And we’ll continue to have open writing submissions like we always have.

We have amazing writers in the magazines, writing about ground breaking FTM related news and experiences. Of all ages, and transition stages.

I wanted to leave you all with an example. Trans Men Magazine, one of our titles received submission on a topic “What masculinity means to me”

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