A Thank You Letter to the Online Trans Community | Jeffrey Lucas

Because of you...

A Thank You Letter to the Online Trans Community, Jeffrey Lucas (currently), jaahjam@gmail.com, Patrick Lapin

As a pre-t, pre-surgery, nameless, and still somewhat closeted trans guy, I want to publicly say THANK YOU to all the transgender folks who share their lives on social media. Because of you, I learned what transgender means. I learned all the different ways a person can transition, what transitioning looks like for different people, and, as many of you have said, how it was the best decision you made for yourselves – despite the challenges transitioning brings.

Because of you, I can see a future for myself. A positive future, at that, where I can feel more at peace with myself and finally live authentically.

Because of you, I learned about binders, packers, testosterone shots, surgeries, healing tips, fitness motivation, and how to take charge of my transition. I learned that my mental health experience isn’t rare and that there’s support out there.

As someone who is on the cusp of medically transitioning and fully coming out, my days are consumed with thoughts of trans experience. I wonder how my looks will change, how I will be treated at work, if I will regret the name I choose, and so on. To that end, I also thank the online trans community for showing me that life isn’t just about transitioning. We’re more than trans – even if being transgender is a significant part of it.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for opening up your lives and experiences to the world! I know it’s made a huge impact on my life and, I’m sure, for countless others.

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