Without a doubt, the costs of transgender procedures can be ridiculously pricey.  It can be challenging to save up for these surgeries, especially with added hospital fees. The worst part, in my opinion, is the fact that many surgeons won’t even take insurance, because they consider the surgery to be cosmetic.

Over the years, I’ve found a lot of comprehensive lists of surgeons in the United States that are known for performing top surgery. However, it is hard to discern whether or not these surgeons accept insurance or loans such as CareCredit (CareCredit is a private lending company which acts as a credit card, and is offered at most major Dr. Offices’, surgery centers, etc).  

I have put together a list of top surgeons that are willing to accept insurance or loan options. Before you decide on a surgeon, please note that not all insurances cover top surgery. Surgeons accept insurance, but not all insurances cover this procedure. This list is comprised of surgeons who advertise their financing options on their website. Below, you can find surgeons based on state:*

Submitted by Patrick Lapin


Dr. Toby Meltzer

Scottsdale, AZ


Accepts: Kaiser, works with some insurance, loans from Prosper Healthcare Lending


Dr. Ben Childers

Riverside, CA


Accepts: CareCredit, loans from Prosper Healthcare Lending


Dr. Curtis Crane

San Francisco, CA


Accepts: Many health insurances from CA and TX (read more about them here )


Dr. Charles Garramone

Davie, FL


Accepts: A few insurances, Dr. Garramone’s office will provide a letter to insurance companies to help with proper coding to cover any and all procedures


Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg

Atlanta, GA


Accepts: Most insurances, priority to patients who have discomfort and back pain caused by large breast size


Dr. James Parker

Watkinsville, GA


Accepts: most insurances, finances through CareCredit



Dr. Alison Shore

Chicago, IL


Accepts: Most insurances that will cover the procedure (as always, check that Dr. Shore participates with your insurance company)


Dr. David A. Jansen

Metairie, LA


Accepts: Loans through CareCredit and Prosper Healthcare Lending


Dr. Jess Ting

New York, NY


Accepts: United Healthcare, Aetna, Oxford, Freedom, Top Tier


Dr Paul Weiss

New York, NY


Accepts: Loans through any financing system



Dr. Peter Raphael

Plano, TX


Accepts: loans from CareCredit, Prosper Healthcare Lending, Med Loan Finance


Dr. Christine McGinn

New Hope, PA


Accepts: Any insurance that will cover the cost- her team accepts case by case payment plans

Dr. Kathy Rumer

Ardmore, PA


Accepts: most insurances, out of state medicaid, loans through CareCredit

A HUGE shoutout to Rad Remedy (www.radremedy.org) for having a great database of surgeons that I could comb through for this information.

*Please note: this is just a tentative list. Doctor’s acceptance and the inclusion of insurance companies are always subject to change, so always ask the office manager about their financing options before choosing a surgeon. Also, it is always best to contact your insurance company, equipped with a list of questions regarding coverage.  I cannot stress this enough, because although a surgeon may accept insurance, the insurance company many not cover it. Keep yourself “In the know”, and it will save you from so much unwanted stress, to an already stressful process.

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    • Thank you so much! I’ll add this to an updated list that I will hopefully release in the future 🙂 I appreciate your help

  1. error on Florida: Dr. Charles Garramone does NOT take insurance at all. They will write a letter that you an use to hopefully have your insurance company reimburse you for expenses.

    One who does and has an excellent performance history equal to Garramone; friendlier to talk with:
    Dr Sassani
    Take Shape Plastic Surgery, PA
    4161 N.W. 5th St., Suite 100
    Plantation, Florida 33317
    Telephone: 954.585.3800 ext 262

    • Thank you so much for the feedback! I will certainly make an updated list with more accurate information, this is just a working list based off of surgeons who have it listed on their website. I’ll certainly add this surgeon.

  2. Thank you all for reading this! I am very passionate about helping to make people’s transitions as affordable as possible. Just keep in mind that this is a working list, meaning it is in no way perfect. I’m sure there are other surgeons that accept insurance, and I will definitely be adding to this list in the future to make it more and more accurate. Again, thank you all!

    • Hi Dr Mosser,

      Thank you for the update! I will definitely include this in an updated version. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks so much for all the work that you do!

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