Adult Media Personality of the Year | Viktor Belmont

Viktor Belmont is a FTM transmale adult entertainer, writer, photographer, model, go-go boy & escort for hire.

Viktor Belmont, Adult of the year
via CatDumb

Viktor Belmont is a FTM transmale adult entertainer, writer, photographer, model, go-go boy & escort for hire.

Working in nightlife and cutting his teeth with the queer party circuit, Viktor has found a home in the heart of clubs and performers alike for his warm and open personality.

Viktor has written, directed and produced an erotic film series called MSTRVKTR that you can watch for completely free here.

Viktor has also written a semi-autobiographical zine called “diary” that is published through the creative collective YVNGBLVVD. You can learn more about the project and purchase the first volume here.

Viktor currently resides in San Francisco, California.


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