If you’re anything like me… you’ve been through some special type of hell getting to know your body. Shrouded in physical shame for your born anatomy. Aching inside to achieve sexual release regularly, with confidence and enjoyment.

I have been selling Trans-Masculine essentials such as packers, STPs, binders, and harness boxers for over 10 years, beginning with The Self Made Men.

Expanding and launching HeartOnToys has taken me deep into sexuality and pleasure that has greatly encouraged peace inside my body. I grew up with extremely one-sided sex with partners, frustration and resentment when it came to sex, even suicidal thoughts and feelings because of my body.

Orgasming on my own terms has been a key factor in accepting and even identifying with my unique anatomy and path.

I want you to enjoy orgasming as frequently and as successfully as you can and I believe that starts with finding the right tools.

The Master-Pieces Series is assembled of products multiple designers have put out. They’re solid black, a gender-neutral power color that says both tasteful and exciting. Every individual item offers a unique shape for unique sensations. Whether it’s the duel sided Rabbit Style, or the flat and wide wings of the Manta Ray.

For us Trans-Masculine individuals I’ve found that it takes an extra layer of effort on our ends to get passed the feeling of ‘not having’ what we’re supposed to. I believe very passionately that setting time for yourself to explore your body is as important to your physical health as exercise, water, and communication.

The Master-Pieces Series is about sexual healing and empowerment.

FTM Founder,
Jason R Ballard

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