An Open Letter to my Trans Best Friend

On the days you cannot love yourself, on the days you are tired of being strong, I will be your mirror that reminds you of just how worth it you are. - Maggie Economou

Open letter to my trans best friend

First and foremost, you need to not only know, but also understand that your story is among my favorites I have had the pleasure to learn about. Before you, I think my perspective was limited to the white picketed fences that were my suburban childhood. Since you, the doors to my mind have been burst open in the most intricate of ways.  Your seemingly effortless courage has had a second-hand effect on the way I now choose to live my life-authentically and unapologetically.


Often the scars we wear are not visible to the human eye. Yet you, every time you take off your shirt, sport your story in such an eloquent fashion. I remember you telling me about the first time you felt the wind on your chest post-op. You told me about the song you were listening to, and the single tear that fell from your eye and traced the curve of your cheek. I want you to always remember the moments you felt like your true self. I want you to hold onto these moments, commit these moments to the personal library that exists in your memories. Use these moments to combat the ignorance that exists in today’s society. I will be by your side, encouraging you to continue to live your authentic life out loud. I will be by your side encouraging you to continue to share your triumphs and tribulations.


I will never reduce you to your anatomy, unless I am speaking on behalf of the organ that inhabits the left side of your chest, or the one that resides between your ears in your head. I will never reduce you to a single body part, but rather remind you that the body you hated for so long is the same body I have taken shelter in time and time again. It was your shoulders that caught my tears, and your arms that kept me warm when the darkness was too vast. It was your legs that walked towards me when I felt alone, and your smile that ripped the clouds away in my stormy skies. The body you once hated is much more than a series of muscles and bones; it is the armor for your invaluable soul.


And on the days you cannot love yourself, on the days you are tired of being strong, I will be your mirror that reminds you of just how worth it you are. Just how worthy of love you are. I am so grateful to share my life with you, and hope you understand the impact you have had on my life. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be a great husband and father one day. Please remember you are worthy and capable of the love you sought for so long.

Love always,

Your best friend

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  1. Hi Maggie,
    Great article, much appreciate your vulnerability and authenticity. It allowed me to soften to the influx of input from my circle regarding “courage”, “thank you for sharing”. Although I appreciate it, I must admit there is, or now was, a sense of dare say pity. But your article reminds me that those in my life, are affected, but affected in a power and strength all their own. Thank you for allowing me to understand and appreciate the experience of those around me.
    With gratitude,

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