A better binder is finally here. We took things we disliked about binders already available on the market, and we changed them.

via Flavnt Streetwear

via Flavnt Streetwear

Okay maybe not all of you, but those of you who have been following this project from the beginning (aka this time last year). To the 700+ Kickstarter backers who helped make this project possible, to the 100k+ shares and likes we got on social media when we introduced this project, and to every single customer who has kept our business afloat, this is for you.

A better binder is finally here. We took things we disliked about binders already available on the market, and we changed them. Our Bareskin Top gives you thinner straps for both comfort and a slimmer silhouette under tank tops or wide necklines, a slightly longer length to avoid spillage, further back armholes to ease the squeeze on that dreaded armpit fat that happens with most binders (and sports bras for that matter), a slightly lower semi-vneck so you can wear this bad boy below lower necklines, and the most important change — a racerback. Racerback designs are used throughout sportswear for comfort and support as well as a wider range of motion. You heard us right, a binder that allows you to MOVE.  

Besides those tweaks this binder was the first ever to be introduced to the market in a range of skin-tones. At the time that we started teasing our Kickstarter (Summer 2015) there was nothing like this on the market, and that’s how we knew we were changing the game. 

Oh, did we mention that this top is water friendly and made from high quality materials? You can wear this top swimming and it won’t damage the garment, your summer just got a little bit easier. Because you, and everyone else, deserves to feel confident in their Bareskin. 


Last but not least we would like to let you know a little bit about this project in regards to our production process. This project was spearheaded by a 100% LGBTQ team from the team here at FLAVNT Streetwear (run by a trans man and a lesbian), to the models (all volunteers from the Austin area), and the photographer. Our manufacturing team was a Texas small business located in Arlington, run by a woman of color and featuring an all-female manufacturing team. Supporting small business, staying local, creating a high quality product, and showcasing a diverse body of queer people were all important goals in this project and we didn’t compromise on any of those fronts.  

We are a little late in our release, having wanted our binders for sale this previous summer, but because we wanted to make sure to put out a quality product you know what they say — good things take time. Our top is officially for sale as of 10/31/16 and it’s only up from here! Currently available in 4 colors and 5 sizes (we have a comprehensive page here to help you pick your right size and color), our next endeavor is expanding to a wider range of sizes and at least two more colors. 

Snag your own Bareskin Top here

Small reminder: As with all other purchases at, 15% of every purchase helps our fundraising partner reach their goal. We partner with trans individuals raising money for gender-confirming surgeries and are currently partnered with our very own Chris whose top surgery is scheduled for 1/4/17, #SupportChris 

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