That’s right – we love and embrace every aspect and individual on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum – and we proudly extend that pride for Bisexual awareness week! This week, September 17-24 celebrates all the individuals whom love regardless of gender.

Bi week highlights the and celebrates the resiliency of the bisexual community. Throughout bi week, which was co founded by multiple LGBT organizations so allies and bi+ people learn about history, culture, community, and current policy of bi+ communities.

With all of the different heats on many different aspects of the LGBT community, bi sexuality seems to fall on the back burner, and we want you to know we recognize and support all. This week, open your eyes to learn something you didn’t know as they are working along side of all of us to change the face of the country. Equality for all is deserved, and we have earned it.

Here’s a little back round ; some people who are attracted to people of any gender self identify with words such as “bisexual”, “pansexual”. “polysexual”, “omnisexual”, “fluid”, “queer” or other lesser known terms.

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