Big Brother Chris: FTM Airport Tips

The plethora of videos and resources available online for FTM transgender people is diverse in topics covered, opinions revealed, and spokespersons. Even so, there are many aspects of the transgender way of life that go untouched, from basic tips to more crucial topics. One of the more basic (yet super helpful) subjects that’s too often overlooked is traveling. How does being trans* influence flying? Should you pack through security? What does the body scanner really look for?

Lucky for trans* men everywhere, Chris Rhodes has covered the basics of air travel in his video “FTM Airport Tips,” just one of many videos in his Big Brother Chris series. His inside look at packing while flying (Tip: Don’t!) and how to pack your packer (Tip: Keep it in your carry on!) was extremely helpful in calming my anxiety about flying and about being trans*—a must watch.

Be sure to check out Chris Rhodes’ Big Brother Chris series on Chris’ YouTube channel for all your FTM tips and tricks!

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