Do I regret Lower Surgery? Perspective from a Dr. Crane Patient

Youtuber Dade Barlow gives his accounts of bottom surgery

VIDEO: What Makes Me a Man?


VIDEO: Ellen Welcomes the Ireland Family!

Logan Ireland is no stranger to FTM Magazine being a past cover model, and his beautiful bride Laila has been there for the ride as well. With the looming fears of potentially banning trans people from the military, Ellen invited the dynamic duo onto...

ABC NEWS: Trans Couple Conceives Two Sons The ‘Old Fashioned’ Way

Bianca and Nick Bowser, who were born male and female, respectively, conceived their two sons naturally. While the couple both identify as transgender, they have not gone through gender reassignment -- which caused Nick to carry the pregnancies. SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and...

‘Sexy Pill’ Masturbating Sleeve | Show-&-Tell by Chase Ross

Check out my review of the Blue Valentine "Sexy Pill" masturbating sleeve! Its great for FTMs! Buy it below, its only $12!: DISCOUNT CODE: CHASE16

Let’s Talk about This Overlooked Stress on your Body

I hadn't realized I was doing it... About a month after my top surgery, I was free of my drains and liquid puss grenades (You're welcome for that visual) and my friend came up to me. She said, "Stand taller man..." And she pulled my shoulders...

Chase Ross Issue coming into us 9/21! – Expected to you immediately afterwards

Hey everyone! After the glitches here with the Chase issue we are so happy to finally have the news from the printers that it's on its way to us. Not only that but expected in three days! We ordered extra copies to come in within...

Bi Love You

That's right - we love and embrace every aspect and individual on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum - and we proudly extend that pride for Bisexual awareness week! This week, September 17-24 celebrates all the individuals whom love regardless of gender. Bi week highlights the and celebrates the resiliency of the...

The Lumberjack Look – How to Pull it Off This Fall

Hello fellow Flannel lovers! This weekend is one of the first cold ones. It's time to finally layer and be comfortable! To give yourself plenty of Lumberjack looking options, it's important to get the right boot/jacket combo. Everything else can be switched out by other items...

Jaimie Wilson and Ke$ha?! – You got to Hear This

I didn't stutter - Jaimie Wilson does it again. The July 'Trans Men' cover model captures our hearts and swoons us on the daily with his deep country tones, but he JUST showed us how versatile he really is after covering the hit song "Praying" by...

Too Close to Home – Trans Man Murdered in Rochester during Domestic Violence case

Rochester NY is the birthplace of FTM Magazine, as some of you may know. We pride ourselves in Rochester on the inclusive, diverse environment many trailblazers have made here. Whether it's George Eastman and Kodak, Susan B. Anthony or Jason Ballard. People have left...

Stef and Ty Sitting in a Tree…..

YEP. You guessed it... K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Trans power duo Stef Sanjati and Ty Turner are confirmed in a relationship! The YouTube Moguls have been creating hilarious and informative content for years separately, and as recently as a few weeks ago, we noticed a bit of collaboration...

These shoes from Omega Kicks are Everything

Cruising around the #ftm on Pinterest and stumbled upon these Men's Transgender Flag high tops (and low top) on They have all sorts of pride flags too. Check them out.

September Is Suicide Awareness Month

September is here... the leaves are starting to change and fall off the trees, the air is getting cooler, Pumpkin Spice is back at all the popular coffee shops. It also brings a difficult time of year for some. FTM Magazine recognizes that September is National...