A Testament to the Power of Acceptance

Acceptance is a key part of any of life’s transitions. From accepting that it’s time to move from the group of friends you had ten years ago, to accepting the deal of a lifetime. We accept dates, love, friends. We accept that sometimes people...

Should I buy a pinky ring?

"Put your pinky rings up to the moon"?! (Bruno Mars - 24k Magic) Who wears pinky rings? No one, I thought. So I did a quick Google searching to make sure. I found that Pinky Rings for Men, followed by Pinky Rings Up To The Moon...

How To Start Your Own Clothing Company

A clothing company can be a huge income source if you've got the right creative eye. It can take a lot of money to start a clothing store though, doesn't it? Not just anyone can make one... Wrong. If you're seriously looking to create a brand...

Tips for Getting Through Dysphoric Moments

It comes out of no where and ruins a good day. Or for some it just never goes away... We asked our readers what they did, or what they suggested for getting rid of dysphoria. We hope some of these help if you're stuck...

How To Support Trans Youth

Allowing young people to be who they are, no matter how they identify, leads to an increase in peer interactions, satisfaction at school, participation in community, and positive mental health outcomes. Unfortunately, fears and misinformation about transgender youths often prevent people from offering them...
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