A Solution to Trans Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

Before transitioning both hormonally (testosterone) and physically (top surgery) from female to male, I’ve competed on the powerlifting platform through one of the most widely known powerlifting federations, which is the ‘United States of America Powerlifting’ or USAPL for short. I trained my ass...

What’s holding you back? Fitness Interview with Rufio Bell

Rufio Interview What were some internal and external obstacles that were over come to really dedicate to your fitness? The hardest obstacle to overcome to dedicate myself to fitness was me. I was born into a very talented athletic family. I'm happy to say I am blessed...

Adam Loprinzi | Breaking Barriers

FTM Magazine: Tell us about what's going on here? Adam: I entered a contest that a supplement company called 1st Phorm is having. The contest is less about ripped and having a sexy body and more about having a story to tell. I entered it just for fun because...
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