Boy Scouts of America to Allow Transgender Individuals to Join

There’s something about that smell of freshly carved wood, or the calm of painting. The adrenaline, and need for speed. Those are all things growing up that my brother enjoyed with my father - building a car for the annual Pinewood Derby - things...

TMOC stabbed on NYC bus – Motives Racial or Gender Based?

trans man stabbed on subway
It was recently reported that a Trans Man of color was stabbed on a Harlem subway train after trying to give a woman and her cousin his seat. What was meant to be an act of kindness was seen as threatening by the two women....

FTM Magazine passes 100 post mark since relaunch

The beginning of October was the official mark of the relaunch, redirection, lets do this shiz-it right and since then we have published 100 (now 101) posts on our fresh new site. According to our hosting analytic these 100 posts have come with 162,056...

Saint Harridan – Going Out of Business

Saint Harridan, founded in 2012, is a suit and apparel company for women's bodies, and trans masculine styles, first funded by both the community and investor fundraising via kickstarter. Founder, Mary Going and her team’s dedication paid off. On December 28, 2012, Saint Harridan’s campaign closed...

Minnesota Medicaid says Yes to Gender-Affirming Surgeries

A victory for Transgender residence of Minnesota, as their version of Medicaid (known as Medical Assistance, or MA) now fully covers gender-affirming surgical procedures. Minnesota Supreme Court had ruled in ’77 that they were to cover these procedures, but in ’94 the opposition began on...
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