From Mom to Dad : An Interview with the Daughter of a Trans man

My daughter and I were sitting around discussing our visit from a friend, who is also transgender, that came to visit last summer. She was telling me how she thinks it's great having a transgender parent, and she asked if I knew anymore transgender parents...

Trans Love in the Black Community: Living Color via NBC News

Three couples share stories from the black transgender community of finding love and learning to love themselves for who they are. Via NBC News - Subscribe to NBC News:

Aydian Dowling shares two of his work-out secrets

Aydian Dowling, founder of Point Five Athletics and personal trainer released a video on his YouTube channel ALionsFears about when the best time to work out, and best time to weigh in was. In the video above, Dowling speaks of the best time to...

OUT100 Celebrates Jake Graf, Chris Mosier, and iO Tillett Wright

Jake Graf by Paul Grace Photographyvideo
The OUT100 Nominees for 2016 have been announced and we are taking this time to celebrate the three trans men listed on such an admirable platform. Jake Graf, Chris Mosier, and iO Tillett Wright showcased in iconic OUT100 black and white style photography by Gavin Bond shown...

Diesel X About You | Features German model Benjamin Melzer

Benjamin Melzer (@egoshooter), Germany's instagram famous model with a growing resume which included Germany's Men's Health Magazine last year, has made another mark on FTM history as apparel company DIESEL's first transgender model. Melzer and co-model for the project, Lolza Lamers were photographed this month by...

‘Brave Man’ portrays how naked it is to be Transgender

The symbology of many of the scenes in Will Young's video Brave Man have not escaped us. As the young man in an english pub, pictures and journals and beer at the table, strips down to nothing and proceeds to take on the world. Are...

Secret deodorant shows Transgender acceptance in new commercial

Secret deodorant helps bring transgender normality to the mainstream with their new video ad. During which Karis Wilde is in the rest room and is the one worried about being judged or harassed by a group of ladies as she goes to exit the stall. It...

Trans Visibility

A short inspirational video of some of the communities brightest advocates.

Transitional Time Lapse by Jamie Raines

Jamie Raines takes stunning photo time lapse of his transition. We like to put some text with videos but this one pretty much speaks for itself. One photo per day time lapse of his transition and we've got to say, it's pretty amazing to...

Trans Tales | Revolutionary art of story sharing

Starring Jake Graf, Benjamin Melzer, Kieran Moloney, Lewis Hancox, Evie Andrew

What it’s like to be Trans

Several advocates discuss some life stories and tales from being transgender.
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