Chase Ross Youtube Channel flagged as “Age Restricted”

In a recent video Chase Ross, popular YouTube personality of the FTM Community, announced that he has been battling with YouTube over their age restriction policies. His channel, that has been around for approximately ten years has been flagged by a viewer as inappropriate and YouTube made the decision to censor his channel completely and only be available to those that can establish legal age requirements.

Ross uses his channel to review products made for the transgender community. Often these are packers or sexual prosthetics. He said this is the reasoning YouTube has for the new restriction. Ross argues that this information needs to be made public for education purposes, because that’s what his videos are ultimately for.

None of Ross’s previous videos have ever broken YouTube community guidelines, but someone has been flagging these reviews as inappropriate because of their nature. Ross, as well as the staff at FTM Magazine, are adamant about these prosthetics being for medical purposes and not for exclusively sexual needs. There are many community members under the age restriction that benefit from the reviews that Chase hosts.