Do You Think Outside the Box? 10 Awesome Gifts Under $25!

"With Valentines Day around the corner, choosing something to purchase or nice to do for your significant other isn’t the easiest thing" - Aidan Faiella

With Valentines Day around the corner, choosing something to purchase, or nice to do for your significant other isn’t the easiest thing. You’re also reading an article written by guy who absolutely LOVES chocolate but sometimes the Hallmark cards and the Whittmans samplers become, well, boring. Here are some out of the box gifts that are sure to make a thoughtful impact.

The Grommet is a website that has THE COOLEST gifts, whether your’e a romantic, a traveler, or just like to lay on the couch at home – this site has something for everyone.

Are you a romantic? The Grommet has ‘Big Dipper’ Bees Wax candles. These candles last longer, with a light aroma that will set the mood on any day. To go with those candles, you may want a craft to share with your significant other. How about Urban Cheesecraft? Just grab some crackers, wine, and flowers and you’re in for a lovely valentines day. Urban Cheesecraft is a DIY Cheese kit.

Any tech lovers in your life? The Charger leash is something they will definitely benefit from. We all know todays day and age we are all hooked to our smart phones…. and if you’re any thing like me you probably frequently misplace your charger!

Earthhoox – ‘nough said. Have that person in your life who adds the soundtrack to your days? Earthhoox is a silicone spacer that attaches to your ear bud and helps them stay in your ears! No more pesky popping out while working, exercising, or just lounging.

The Go-Comb. I bought this for myself when i read this! Wherever you go, no one likes to be weighed down by bags filled with grooming products such as bulky combs. Heck, i’ve even misplaced my combs, or they’re cheap and break. Go-Comb is made with a mixture of brass and stainless steel, therefore it won’t rust, and it will withstand all thickness hair! If that sparks your interest, you can put this item right next to your Go-Comb in your wallet! Zootility, the multi tool that is shaped like your favorite animal! It’s a 12 in 1 stainless steel utility tool, that is thin enough to fit in any wallet/purse slot! Whether you need to open a bottle, peel some fruit, open a letter, tighten a screw, or any other task…. Zootility is the way to go.

IllumiBowl is sort of a gag gift, sort of genius. We all know the light in the bathroom when the house is pitch black can literally be piercing to the eyes.IllumiBowl is an in light LED toilet bowl light that stays battery charged all night to add a nightlight and a little…assistance in the middle of the night.

Have someone with a beard in your life? While beards are in, with great beard comes great responsibility. Get that person-whose beard you love to play with- some products that won’t just make their life easier, but yours too. Take a look at the BeardMat! The days of taking the time to clean all those tiny hairs out of the sink are over thanks to BeardMat. It’s a three foot square, non stick mat that attaches to your mirror with suction cups, covering your sink and counter tops. Did I mention it’s machine washable?Speaking of beards, nothing is sexier sometimes than a clean shave. Whether it’s on your face, legs, whatever you shave, the Blade Buddy is helping to make grooming easier. The tool quickly restores sharpness while saving money on razor replacements AND helping the environment. The maker of the Blade Buddy, Celso Martell, did research and found each year about two million pounds of plastic form disposable razors and they end up in landfills. Before Blade buddy, i’m sure we can all relate to subpar shaves – not anymore!

Now, we’ve gone over some skin care…we have one last beard accessory we think you’ll not only get a laugh out of, but i’m sure it will come in handy if you intend on kissing someone with a beard! The Whisker Dam is a copper mustache guard that lets you drink like a champ! It fits neatly over virtually any pint glass, and keeps facial hair dry and stylish while you drink!

If you liked these gifts, Grommet has hundreds of more items! Under and over 25$, special valentines geared items, and so much more.

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By: Aidan Faiella