See how Erin Nations uses Cartoons to Document his Transition

Erin Nations is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Portland Oregon. He's been making comics and zines for the past 4 years, but says drawing...


Is The Real EZP device right for you? | Transthetics

Before you rush off and order a Real EZP here, I want you to make sure it’s the right thing for you. If after you’ve read...

Stand Up To Be Counted

These days, most of our friendships, relationships and social lives can be forged online. Just last night, I spoke with my boss via text...



Looking For a Top Surgeon?

With my top surgery right around the corner I'm thinking back on this whole process of how I got here, and how when I was...





What’s in your pants? and other personal questions | Ryan Webb

September 4th, 2001: The first day of first grade, I was six years old.  School started at 8:25 am - it was already 8:15...

My First Barber Shop Experience

Old Spice, and baby powder - those were the scents that immediately filled my nostrils when I walked through the door of a barber...

An Open Letter to My Mom | Toby Moeller

Dear Mum, Right now you are losing your daughter. It seems like nothing can ever bring her back again. You are calling her by her...

The Pain of Disownment from a Transmasculine Perspective

For a great many trans men disownment from their family is a reality that is both incredibly painful and unceasingly misunderstood. While the stigma...

My relationship with a Trans Man

The beginning was something new, magical and free that turned into a confusion of self definition. The possibility of motherhood turned into questioning our...
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