Benjamin Melzer and Liza Lamers pose naked for PETA campaign

Benjamin Melzer is our model golden boy from Germany. First splashing into the mainstream with his entry into the Men's Health cover competition over...



ftm informed consent to start hormones

Common Myths of Informed Consent

I am a 22 years old, and a college student that currently is not employed. I used informed consent to start HRT. A lot of...



Big Brother Chris: FTM Airport Tips

The plethora of videos and resources available online for FTM transgender people is diverse in topics covered, opinions revealed, and spokespersons. Even so, there...

Trans 101: Episode 2 by Chase Ross featuring Terminology

Don't worry, if you missed Episode 1, it's right here





Shawn Christy – Son, Brother, Trans Man, Deaf

Sarah Christy - Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Girlfriend. Deaf. These are the identities and roles I was assigned with at birth. When I turned six years old,...

The bitter-sweet freedom I’m longing to taste

In many years throughout my life as a teenager, I have wished to appear more like the men in magazines. Mostly, I wanted to become...

The Pain of Disownment from a Transmasculine Perspective

For a great many trans men disownment from their family is a reality that is both incredibly painful and unceasingly misunderstood. While the stigma...

What my confusion about my gender was like | C. Hansen

As if life isn’t difficult enough, questioning one’s gender can cause a tailspin of confusion and emotion. I came out as a lesbian when...

What’s in your pants? and other personal questions | Ryan Webb

September 4th, 2001: The first day of first grade, I was six years old.  School started at 8:25 am - it was already 8:15...
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