FTM Magazine Artist Spotlight: Where are they now?

Keep up with FTM Magazine for the news as it rolls out. We will be following these fine gentlemen all the way to the top.

Will Shishmanian

If you’ve been with FTM Magazine for a while, you may remember these two remarkable young individuals; We caught up with Will Shishmanian and Ryan Cassata. Cassata and Shish were two of the featured artists on our FTM Magazine Artist Compilation CD a few years back. Fast forward about two years and they are both absolutely on fire. Both are about to release full length albums.  

Shish is a man of many hats. Between his focus of singing/songwriting, he is a composer and guitarist as well. Shish is no stranger to doing great things with his talents. A graduate of Ithaca College in NY with a Bachelors in Music composition, he has in the past written and premiered his own musicals and taken from there his solo/rock repertoire to be featured in student films, Etc. Shish is set to release his first full length in July. It is entitled “Steps”.

Will Shishmanian

Cassata has not stopped either. Now twenty-three years old he has been in the limelight since the tender age of fifteen. We caught up with Ryan recently to check in on a few of his projects, most notably his tour and album. Releasing 7/7/17 is Cassata’s live in studio album “Virginia, Pick Up The Phone”. Cassata tells us he tells the story of Virginia through the songs in Chronological order. “Virginia, Pick Up the Phone” is considered to be a modern folk style piece, and when asked about genre Cassata says he “will keep doing them all”. With his apparent multi-faceted abilities, Cassata has made many strides and successes especially over the past few years.

When we sat down with Cassata in an FTM Magazine exclusive, he was a pleasure to speak with. We asked Cassata what advice he would have for people with big dreams like his, and his answer was extremely heartfelt. It’s clear he cares about his fans, and his craft. “ I believe that nothing can hold you back from trying to reach your dreams. You have to work super hard but if you’re motivated enough you will get there. Practice your art and never give up”. Besides the album, Cassata is touring with Johanna Chase, working on his acting portfolio, and cast in a musical written by the renowned Stephen Trask.

Keep up with FTM Magazine for the newest Cassata and Shish news as it rolls out. We will be following these fine gentlemen all the way to the top.

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