FTM Magazine passes 100 post mark since relaunch

Celebrate, Promote, Entertain, and continue to support one another

The beginning of October was the official mark of the relaunch, redirection, lets do this shiz-it right and since then we have published 100 (now 101) posts on our fresh new site. According to our hosting analytic these 100 posts have come with 162,056 page views by 81,914 different people. All since October 22nd.

This couldn’t be possible without those that like and share our articles and platform with their friends and family. So much so, we’ve had to make ftmmagazine.com/soffa because even your allies and families have written in to tell their stories too!

We only see increased growth in the future and hope you know that we are submission based, like we’ve always been, and look to always host the thoughts and experiences of our community. If you would like to write in, use out submission form at ftmmagazine.com/write

Celebrate, Promote, Entertain, and continue to support one another!

Jason R Ballard
EIC FTM Magazine


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