How To Start Working Out (If you want to)

It took me a long time to figure out whether I wanted to work out or not. I liked the attention the guys who did work out were getting but for me the thought of being muscular was superficial and it showed in my desire and effort.

I would get really tired of keeping up with protein and calories and doing boring lifts. I was tired of going to the gym and only working on my pecs and biceps because those are the money shots, ya know?

I’d never get what I wanted out of working out because what I wanted was the final result and the attention from it. Short sighted goals with a long term process. How do you bypass that long process? You don’t.

After I had made some awesome changes to my mental health and how I saw and interacted with the world… How I interacted with my fitness and health changed as well. The gym was no longer a space I was going to to create a finished product, it was a playground of equipment to use my body and see the changes in strength, balance, and endurance. I went from losing my energy at the beginning to being okay by the end of my routine.

The most important part for me was working working out into my routine.

I got a friend who was primarily my gym buddy and he and I motivated each other to stick to the in-gym routines. We also helped make sure we were both doing each day. It’s easy to talk yourself out of the gym if you’re going solo, harder if you’ve got to cancel plans with someone else.

Have a routine at the gym and have going to the gym part of your routine.

Keep notes of your progress and how you’re feeling after each day or week.

We as trans men sometimes love seeing side by sides… So take photos of yourself at the beginning and the end of each month and show yourself how your routine is working… Not whether or not you’re looking masculine and muscular, but whether or not you feel healthy and what can be tweaked to improve what you want.

Is it stamina you’d like to improve? Make sure you’re eating enough before hand.

Is it that you’re body is bored with Curls? Switch it up to Hammers.

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