Ian Harvie, Comedic Trailblazer

Respect others, but sometimes it’s okay to let your hair down and be light hearted

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This past year has been one that has found all walks of life very publicly divided. We as human nature look for outlets to forget the pain, worry and stress. Comedians can take the role of heroes to some, and take our minds to those free places for a few hours.

Ian Harvie is a 38-year-old transgender male, born May 28 1968 in Portland Maine. Ian came out as transgender later in life, at age thirty-two and began his stand-up comedy career over ten years ago at a small comedy club in his home town. His influences include greats such as Carol Burnett, and various Saturday Night Live performers. He [Harvie] began touring with iconic comedian Margaret Cho as her opening act in 2006 and in result Cho cast Harvie as a permanent member of her off-Broadway show, “Margaret Cho’s Sensuous Woman”.

In April 2007, Ian began producing and hosting his own self-titled comedy talk show, The Ian Harvie Show, at Los Angeles music and comedy club Largo. The show is similar to other late night talk shows but with one unique twist- the guests are all LGBT or connected to the LGBT community, and featured have been guests from all scales of fame.

Harvie had recently made an acting debut in the popular Amazon Series “Transparent” and various other guest starring roles. The latest and most exciting news comes from his most recent work. Ian has filmed a one hour standup comedy special entitled “May the Best Cock Win’” for Seeso Network (NBC’s digital network) and  is currently streaming. As the risqué title suggests, Harvie definitely and proudly tackles being a transgender male amid forced masculinity, his multiple surgeries and things that many men [cis or trans] struggle with from receding hairlines and social stigma. This shows us that we are not all that different.

“May the Best Cock Win” has received a 5-star amazon rating, and 4.4/10 IMBD rating. It’s definitely worth watching, as I witnessed while reviewing his special was that he in fact brought a fresh perspective on issues today. He addresses, with comedic finesse, all identities by openly acknowledging that all bodies are “really weird”. The  audience is broadened to all gender spectrums so you never feel like the show is just for the LGBT community. The special is also informative and forces you to think through the laughter.

Ian shows us it’s okay to be different, and we can laugh about it as long as the over all tone is respect. Respect others, but sometimes it’s okay to let your hair down and be light-hearted. Ian is the world’s first trans man comedian with a stand up comedy special, and definitely will not be the last. I strongly encourage you to give it a shot, but be advised I would deem this NSFW.

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