Jason Robert Ballard could be labeled with a lot of different titles. He is ever exploring the ins and outs of what it means to be human and has an insatiable curiosity. Gender and Gender Expression and it’s roles in how his life has progressed has been on the forefront of his interests as he himself is transgender.

His main interests include; coin collecting, oil painting, and scientific studies.

His brain works in a systematic way that allows for the breaking down of processes into small and large explanations and has found it easy to deliver a well written How-To guide on many topics that have been shared and used worldwide.



My favorite New Years resolution I made for this year was to try to talk about my plans for my life less, and act on them more. Tell people how I did it, not what I plan on doing.

Reconnecting with my family and visiting more often. With my vehicle I’ll be able to travel down there more often this year and spend some time with everyone that lives back home.

I want to learn more about minimalism and apply it to my life however I can. I also want to celebrate the parts of me that aren’t transgender, they’re just who I am as a person.



Want to get inside the ‘Headspace’ of a Transgender individual? This...

Headspace is cleverly named, and the product of British film maker Jake Graf, and his incredible team behind him. Yet again, a high quality...
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