Junior Fox : Road to Fatherhood

via Junior Fox

Junior is a great guy. When I answered the phone he was full of energy from the start, and that energy did not stop the entire conversation. He has such a positive outlook on life that it was difficult to keep track on the topic, because I kept thinking about how great of a dad he is going to be.

That’s right, why was I even talking to Junior?

Junior Fox is a trans man in his thirties who has been married for three years. Before transitioning, he never thought about having kids. In fact, he only started thinking about it after he and his wife had been married for over a year. Junior had quite the time finding information about what this would entail. Most trans men who had biological children either gave birth before testosterone, or stopped taking testosterone to carry and birth their own child. Not as many trans men have stopped testosterone to have their eggs harvested to have their partner give birth.

So what did Junior go through? He slowly weaned himself off testosterone from July 2015 to November 2015 after a visit with an infertility clinic. He made sure to explore every possible option before having to take this one. The first couple of months were okay. His body didn’t seem to revert to the way it was pre-testosterone, and he was focusing on the end goal of this: being a father.

Even though Junior did experience some of the changes he loved reversing, we decided to talk about the emotional changes. Once Junior started to be misgendered, he went back to being defensive in a way that he hadn’t since before he had started hormones. He said he felt paranoid at times, wondering how people were seeing him. He was very adamant that people use the correct pronouns when they did misgender him, though, he was very quick to correct them. He also spent some time where he forgot why he was doing this. His dysphoria took over and when his wife reminded him the purpose of all of this, he remembered how much he wants to be a father.

Now that Mr. Fox is back on testosterone, he is very excited to see if his body will change in different ways than before. Will his shoulders become even more broad? Will his body fat shift in a different way? How will his body hair come in? It’s going to be just as exciting (if not more) as the first time!

We are excited to see Junior and his wife Milli go through this journey! Best of luck to both of you, and we hope your future child(ren?) turn out as awesome as you!

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