Transthetics is making ‘Leaps and Bounds’ in the FTM prosthetic department

So, it's about to get personal... I mean, I'm reviewing a particular type of prosthetic today and it's one used for a more private moment.

I believe that all art and creation is an achievement of knowledge and soul combined. In our community, when it comes to penile prosthetics the market isn’t huge and mainstream when it comes to OUR needs as prosthetics and not items classified exclusively under sex toy no matter what the function.

The needs of us as a community differ from the products available and where there is a need, there will be creative minds to engineer products that fill it.

So, it’s about to get personal… I mean, I’m reviewing a particular type of prosthetic today and it’s one used for a more private moment.

I received a sample of the new model of medical prosthetics for trans men by a company called Transthetics. The design is called The Bono, and in the package came a slick white and green Apple-looking vibration device that very easily slide inside the sleeve. The Sleeve has intricate details of veins and skin creases. The two pieces fit together so well it creates a suction and feels like one solid piece.

There is a reservoir in the head of the penis that releases liquid when pressed. This is to simulate the feeling and visual sensation of ejaculation.

The buttons on the device were simple to get to know, different buttons changed the vibration output.

I have yet to try using it with a partner, but it works for the reason that I wanted it to so the partner part, for me, would just be a bonus.


When it came to personal use I chose a setting I was feeling and stuck to it, but it would be easy to change during, assuming you knew which setting came next, or were up for a surprise. I would obviously recommend not using a harness with solo trips. It fit in my hand and felt comfortable against my body.

It connected parts of my brain to my body in visual ways I feel I have always longed for. It was like a relief to see and feel, like a connection between nerves and visual cues that made more sense to my brain. I knew I would be able to write a review about this product.

I am incredibly thankful that I got to be the one to review this piece for the magazine because I would never have made the budget decision to try something that I didn’t know would work like this. If I were able to read a review like this one though, I would have made the purchasing choice to invest in this device.

I recommend The Bono to those in need or desire of connecting the physical feelings to the visual body part.

Amazing work happening at Transthetics. Thank you for improving the lives of those in your community, Alex.

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