What kind of membership site are you running?

Our membership rates are as follows:
$3.50 for a Standard Membership
$6.50 for a Gold Membership
$9.99 for a Premium Membership

Without a membership, certain article categories are unavailable. Sections that are available for free are: News, Community, Transition, and Resources.

This is a monthly, reoccurring payment. Cancel anytime!

What are the benefits of each membership offered on your site?

FREE – The Free membership has access to the basics and community support information. This includes News, Community and Transition related articles, and Resources databases.

STANDARD – The Standard membership unlocks the entire website and includes all of our articles and staff writers. This membership also minimizes the amount of ads on the website.

Anything above a Free User also provides the ability to write post drafts directly from the WordPress login menu. Posts will be queued for approval and posted with the assumption you’ve read the Freelance Web Contract.

GOLD – With a Gold membership, you have access to all of the website and its content, as well as a free download of our 12 monthly tablet issues.

PREMIUM – In addition to the website, tablet issues, and insider access, the Premium membership receives a free PDF version of our 4 general audience issues of FTM Magazine. After a full year of Premium membership we’ll start mailing you two VIP tickets to each of our Issue Release parties.

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