NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Pass grants access to those over the age of 18 to see mature and pornographic articles, photos, and videos. This pass includes prosthetic reviews of sexual nature and advice on sex, as well showcases things with photos of topics that wouldn’t be safe to look at at the office.

Who knows who is looking over your shoulder when that big packer hits the screen. Yikes.

  • NSFW Pass (Optional)
  • 12 Issues of Trans Men by FTM Magazine
  • Exclusive Coupons and Special Offers
  • 50% off Printed and Digital Issues of FTM Magazine
  • NSFW Pass (Optional)
  • 12 Issues of Trans Men by FTM Magazine
  • Exclusive Coupons and Special Offers
  • Free Quarterly Printed Issues of FTM Magazine
  • Early Release PDF and Event Details
  • Profit Sharing (Optional)
  • VIP Tickets to Events and Promotions

FAQs About Memberships

I'm having trouble logging in, what can I do?

There should only be one category of articles that has restrictions on it. If you are finding yourself being asked to log in before you can continue, and your log in information isn’t working, please email us at customerservice@ftmmagazine.com – Please include your membership level (if any) and the page that you reached the log in message.

A troubleshooting tip: Our site is hosted on WordPress. There will be a different user name and password for your WP account (if you have one) and the FTM Magazine site. So if you’re being asked to log in too many times, this could be it.

Are there any hidden fees I should know about?

No. The amount that you agree to is the only amount that will be charged to your card monthly.

Which membership is right for me?

We always try to sell the Premium membership to people who are just starting out. There is only a $2/$2.50 difference between each tier and you can downgrade or upgrade at any time.

The Premium Membership is an all-in-one package, featuring printed and digital magazines, merchandise coupons, NSFW Pass, and more.

How Do I Cancel?

Canceling is exactly like renewing or upgrading but you ‘downgrade’ into a free membership. There is also the method of canceling your reoccurring payment through PayPal.

How do I log in?

To log in, first have your user name and password ready…. This can be obtained from the email that was sent to you after your payment was processed.

Once you’ve got your User Name and Password, Hit “Sign In” at the top of the screen at ftmmagazine.com – This should bring you to a log in page.

After logging in, all content should be unlocked to you. However, if you don’t have a paid membership, your log in is mainly for commenting and some content may be restricted.

If you’re having trouble, please contact customerservice@ftmmagazine.com

What are the benefits of each membership offered on your site?

NSFW PASS – Unlocks the entire website and includes all of our NSFW (Not Safe For Work) articles and media. This membership also minimizes the amount of ads on the website.

STANDARD – With a Standard Membership, you have access to all of the website and its content (including NSFW sections and digital downloads), as well a subscription to our 12 monthly tablet issues, Trans Men.

PREMIUM – In addition to the NSFW Pass, 12 issue of (Trans Men our tablet issues) and insider access, the Premium Membership receives PRINTED copies of FTM Magazine, PDF downloads, and major coupons. After a full year of Premium membership we’ll start mailing you two VIP tickets to each of our Issue Release parties.



You my friend, are a full fledged industry VIP.
A gentleman among boys.
We at FTM Magazine LLC consider you not only a reader
but an investor in our future.

While you’re on our website, a simple log in will grant you full access to everything that FTM has to offer. Including our highly anticipated NSFW (Not Safe For Work) issue, as well as NSFW Content.

At home on your computer, or away on your tablet or phone, download (for free) any and every copy of our digital magazines. This includes easy downloads of FTM Magazine as a PDF, and Trans Men (Our monthly digital magazine).

The best part though, and what we think you’re going to really love is the printed hard copies of FTM Magazine included in your active membership.

As an additional Thank You to our now Premium Members and Investors, we want to have you around so we can thank you in person. You will receive two complimentary tickets to all of our release parties and events.

Welcome to the family,
FTM Magazine Staff



The word we use as a reference to measure our expectations and reality. What should come standard or automatically in your life?

Here, on our website, everything that comes standard also comes easy and free!

A Standard Membership includes access to everything our website and digital frontier has to offer. 12 free, easily downloadable copies of Trans Men, our monthly magazine. As well as 50% off printed magazines.



Everything you could ever want during your private computer time! But definitely not anywhere were another person could see your screen and wonder what the freckles that man is doing with that wall of penises.

Inside the 18+ baby gate you’re be getting prosthetic sexual reviews, NSFW digital content, coupons and deals from our sponsors, porn, and more.

Hello! And thank you for your interest in FTM Magazine. We are so proud of our work here and hope you can see the time and talent our volunteers and staff put into making this for all of us.

The world’s best and most circulated trans-masculine publication…

Our high-gloss, full color, in-your-hand, printed issue is on it’s way to us! Can’t wait, or prefer tablet viewing? Download the PDF here now for just $4.50.

Subscribing to FTM Magazine used to mean purchasing four issues in advance, now you can subscribe two different ways (listed below) and cancel at any time.

The best deal, is to become a Premium Member. This option gets you full website access, top level coupons and rewards, 12 issues of our Digital publication (Trans Men) and all four yearly printed and PDF versions of FTM Magazine.

That’s everything we have to offer!

If this isn’t the option for you and you’d prefer to subscribe to just FTM Magazine in it’s printed format, you can subscribe here for an $8 reoccurring payment every 3 months. This keeps your subscription new and updated and flexible for you.