Too Close to Home – Trans Man Murdered in Rochester during Domestic Violence case

"That's the thing about Rochester...we don't give up. We may get kicked, but we always get back up."

Rochester NY is the birthplace of FTM Magazine, as some of you may know. We pride ourselves in Rochester on the inclusive, diverse environment many trailblazers have made here. Whether it’s George Eastman and Kodak, Susan B. Anthony or Jason Ballard. People have left their mark on the flower city in many ways, and have fought to create the community they wished to see.

Last Monday, an unspeakable pain, a blemish was smeared across our city. We took our time in writing an article on this to observe the sensitivity and frankly find the right words.

Kashmire Redd was a young transgender man whose life was cut short by his roommate in a domestic violence dispute early Labor Day morning. Redd was stabbed multiple times and found outside his apartment by an elderly neighbor. Redd would be the 19th Transgender individual to be murdered in 2017 – 19 too many.

The motive in the murder is unknown. The Willow Domestic Violence CEO Jaime Saunders held a press conference with Gates PD Tuesday morning at 10am. “Transgender people are at a higher risk when it comes to being involved in violent relationships. 30 to 50 percent of transgender people experience some form of intimate partner violence at some point in their lifetime,” said Saunders.

Saunders and Gates Police Chief Vanbrederode both stressing to the community that help is out there to those who need it.

That’s the thing about Rochester…we don’t give up. We may get kicked, but we always get back up. The Gay Alliance of Gennessee Valley led a discussion immediately following the tragedy.


Trans Lives Matter, Always.