Let me first start by saying; I am not a doctor.

I am however, a scientific minded, self-aware Trans man that’s been on testosterone for ten years. I’ve experienced the things I’m talking about first hand and as they were happening, I did extensive research. (Because I like to know what’s going on).

I want to talk about something coming up more and more in the community. In a way, we in the forefront of long-term HRT use are guinea pigs. What’s going to happen to my body after ten?…. twenty?…. forty years?!


In my basic understanding, when a body is running on estrogen, one of its jobs is to keep the genital area all moist (say it out loud haha, I know you hate that word)… Moist and well lubricated most of the time. It’s a self-cleaning unit.

Even the clitoris stays all small and hidden and… Moist.

Penises… On the other hand. Testosterone (T) doesn’t keep dicks wet. It actually is a pretty dry, external systems. So it does kind of make sense that long-term use of T would dry out all your bits.

What does Atrophy feel like?

Rawness and tenderness around the head of your dick. Under the foreskin, there can be some redness, dryness, and it may hurt to touch.

Your ‘taint’ or the area between the inner ‘lips’ (We’ll get better words soon guys), can become unbearable to touch.

The biggest and most common sign of atrophy is intense cramping during or after an orgasm. This may happen when you orgasm… Or only when you ejaculate. Both are because your cervix (again, we’ll get better words) does a pulsing movement that, your inner dried organs apparently hate.

What can be done about Atrophy?

There’s a cream for that! – It’s a low low dose estrogen cream that allows for some relief and roll back on the symptoms. The tissues are fragile, dry, raw, the cream is the way to go for preventing further damage.

I read an article on Reddit called ‘use it or lose it‘ – that suggested lube during sexual intercourse (haha, I called it intercourse). And that the more your anatomy is used the more your body will moisten itself (how many times can I say that word for you? aahaha).

I used the cream for a solid two weeks and it helped 100%… I even gained some of the length I lost in my growth because of the cream. The rawness subsided and I was able to have sex again without any pain.

I did notice that my cramps were worse when I was engaging my core when I came.

During my hysterectomy (April 2nd), there was a complication when part of the organs  came out through my vaginal cavity and because of the atrophy, I ripped a little. I want to keep you all updated as this progresses but I also know, that once this article is shared on Facebook… Our community will comment and share and we’ll get all the information together for what we can do beyond a hysterectomy (thought those are great) and cream.

You’re doctor should know what Premarin is. (The cream).

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