YEP. You guessed it… K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Trans power duo Stef Sanjati and Ty Turner are confirmed in a relationship! The YouTube Moguls have been creating hilarious and informative content for years separately, and as recently as a few weeks ago, we noticed a bit of collaboration across social media! Not only on videos… but the sparks that fly on screen can take your eye out!

Ty Turner has been a trans ally for years. The Vape Daddy has multiple videos discussing his day to day trials and tribulations, or just some fun experiences he has had. Ty also goes into detail about his workout routines and flaunts his confidence – whether or not he realizes it it rubs off on others.

Stej Sanjati is a legend in her own right. This Bread mom has created multiple videos to help other women with makeup techniques, or explaining surgeries and Hormone Therapy to her audience.

Bottom line is these two are extremely tender souls who give back to their respective communities separate, and now the Trans community as a whole as a power couple. Whether they’re explaining their own journies in hopes of helping others, or laughing about unboxing sex toys or bench presses… they’re an inspiration to others. We’re just glad to see you happy!



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