Tips for Keeping up with your T Shots

Think you'll never get to a point when you forget to take your T shot? Many guys who have been on it for years have confessed to groaning, putting it off, or even forgetting to do it all together...

It may seem to you, particularly in the beginning, that you’ll never get to a point when you forget to take your T shot. However, many of the guys who have been on it for many years have confessed to groaning, putting it off, or even forgetting to do it all together.

Here are some tips to implement into your schedules to help keep track of the days, times, or even to do it at all.

  1. Set an alarm on your phone

This method is probably the easiest. If you have a smart phone, set an alarm with a verbal message in the info option. Set a day and time you’ll always take it, and set an alarm for an hour before hand reminding yourself that it’s coming up very soon. This can help you get ready to take it on time. Then set another for the time of the shot so you don’t get distracted and forget that it’s time.

Make that alarm repeat weekly.

2. Pick a day that’s easy to remember

The easiest day to plan to do your T shots and remember are Tuesdays. Saying “Tuesday is T day” creates an alliteration like no other day can, and can be how you easily remember.

3. Create a routine around the day and time.

Creating a routine for Tuesday – T Day can alleviate any stress you may have around giving yourself the shot and cause you to not put it off based on fear or stress. I’ve heard of guys who take warm baths with candles and some hot tea and then do their shots after because they’re so relaxed.

4. Make sure you put in for a refill

My biggest excuse for not doing my shot on time is that I always forget during my last shot to order more and pick it up before my next T day. Make sure that you put through for a refill and arrange to pick it up before the day of your shot. Something may come up and you’ll delay your shot because you don’t have time to pick up your prescription.

5. Have your stuff accessible

Having all of your shot equipment in a nice travel bag or box under your dresser that can be easily pulled out and done quickly on the right day is important. If it’s out of sight completely, sometimes it’s out of mind too. Don’t let yourself give you the excuse of “it’s too far away” or “inconvenient to get out right now”.

With all of these tips in place at once, you’ll never forget to take your shot on the correct date and time whether you’ve just started, in the 3-4 year slump, or the 8-10+ year routine. And keeping your hormone levels stable will certainly help with any and all hormone related issues.

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