It was recently reported that a Trans Man of color was stabbed on a Harlem subway train after trying to give a woman and her cousin his seat.

What was meant to be an act of kindness was seen as threatening by the two women. Ian DaVonte Jarrett, is a 44 years old hairstylist who was on his way home from work. He reported moving for the women and hearing them talk in Spanish about racial prejudices.

On Jarrett’s exit of the train, the woman became violent for unknown reasons. The assailant stabbed him in the arm with a 2-inch knife and made slashes toward his face, police sources said in an article by nydailynews.

He didn’t realize he was being stabbed, he said, until another man rushed in to help. Emergency personnel took him to Harlem Hospital.

Jarrett said he didn’t know if he was also targeted because he’s transgender or a combination of attributes. The intersections of both are often dangerous and we’re very glad that he’s okay.

Cops arrested Pazmino and charged her with assault as a hate crime, reckless endangerment and weapons possession.

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