Like a lot of guys out there, part of transitioning for me is also starting to work out in the gym.  I’ve been in many gyms pre-op (top surgery) and used the women’s locker room, but none of my past experiences prepared me for the men’s locker room now that I am post-op.  I had never been in one before and entering this new territory was a little nerve-wracking, to say the least.  The only attention I received was a few glances at my scars and nothing more.

I know a lot of guys panic about using the men’s restroom and they think everyone will know that they are AFAB, if they sit to pee, but they don’t and they probably don’t care.  The men’s locker room at a public gym is pretty similar.  Now before I get into my tips and tricks for passing in the locker room, let me tell you about an experience I had at my local gym:

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