Twenty five years of life. Each breath, each day you wake up, imagine having to fight just to be yourself. After twenty five years, Rowan Feldhaus was fighting his battle, advocating for himself and others in the Transgender community.

Rowans’ story began last year when he fought to legally change his name as a step in his transition. Feldhaus was initially denied a request for a name change in July 2016, but the Court of Appeals in Georgia [ where Feldhaus resided] in January overruled the state court judge’s ruling. Feldhaus fought for what he believed in, and fought for others that didn’t necessarily have a voice- or couldn’t. Feldhaus was a bright young man, being an Augusta University student. He was an Army reservist and board member for the LGBT advocacy group Georgia Equality.

Earlier in May, Feldhaus had a hysterectomy and a few days later went into septic shock and lost oxygen to his brain. Feldhaus was as an organ donor, and his heart will live on. “With the support of his family, Rowan will now save five lives through organ donation and touch immeasurable others as the families, friends and communities of those who receive Rowan’s organs will be forever impacted by the memories, milestones and contributions made possible by this second chance at life,” a close family member stated.

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