Transthetics has quickly become known for quality prosthetics. From their Stand to Pee devices, FTM erection enhancers, masturbation aids and more. (A bionic 4-in-1 option is in the works, read more about that here)

The bono has, throughout every review of it, been praised for its inventiveness, ease of use, and longevity.

When you’re able to spend the money or save the money, or if you’ve got one in your possession… I’ll be writing articles about it for a while, it’s a tool I believe eliminates the majority of my dysphoria and makes me feel the most like the man I am.

1. Turn it on a pulse vibration, find a good porn gif and let your imagine do the work.

Pulling my boxers down when I’m sitting in my desk chair and using the waist band for support lets me sit here and get off hands free.

Sitting here, I find a pace I like on the vibration setting, and I open up my folder full of files that are not actually “grandma’s cookie recipes” or I use Tumblr under “porn gifs” searches… I scroll until I link up a good position, good rhythm, and my type of porn (this for me is pretty basic heterosexual vanilla most nights but hey it’s not for everybody!).

The visual connection of “see what your penis could be” is what blows your mind, period… but this tip, with the vibrations, and the porn visual together are going to get you there.

Sometimes though we need to throw in a second maneuver…

2. Learn the movements that you really like

Think of the Bono as a joy stick. Which direction do you like being pulled? Is it a tugging, upward stroke or a bouncing straight out poke.

Circles? Varying pressure?


3. Watch yourself in the mirror or pitch your tent under a sheet if you’re shy.

A reader of ours wrote in to our email and told us that their first day with the Bono was “nuuuuuts”, and one of their favorite parts was holding it in their hands and watching it go up and down in the jacking off motion. He said the first day he used it under the blankets he “enjoyed seeing his tent pitched” coupled with the stroking motion.

Another commented on our article saying they enjoyed “watching it in front of a mirror”. I decided both of these were auto-voyeristic (I made that up) and that they were both sexy ass ways to get off. If you’re feeling good about yourself it can jump-start some serious confidence.

I’ve honestly caught myself standing in front of windows… Windows I’m sure no one can actually see me through… I hope…

4. Squirt on stuff (cum lube)

The tip and head of the shaft of the Bono… Shown here… Are a reservoir for ejaculation substances.

Then Cum Lube happened (that’s a video link, NSFW)… And I think I did. It’s lube that is white and thick and safe for internal use. Want it?

5. Use music and combine all five for a real self-love fest.

Wouldn’t it just be a head full of orgasm if you were to combine some visual, physical, and sound stimulation? There are some great old school grind and wind music that fits nicely to a Porn tumblr gif, a vibration setting, some poking and stroking, and finishing off with pride.


Another thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the FTM Magazine website! Thanks for making my job a thing!
– D. Hudson





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