What’s holding you back? Fitness Interview with Rufio Bell

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Rufio Interview

What were some internal and external obstacles that were over come to really dedicate to your fitness?
The hardest obstacle to overcome to dedicate myself to fitness was me.
I was born into a very talented athletic family. I’m happy to say I am blessed with great genes and do not take that for granted. I started doing basic army workouts just as a young child with my dad and two brothers. I played softball, basketball, soccer, and threw shot putt. Then soon after college softball was over i found myself not really knowing who I was. In my younger years i always had a free gym to go to because I was on so many teams, but without that gyms cost a lot and I just couldnt get into one.
Not being able to lift weights and workout the way I wanted to was hard on me, I wanted to get big and strong. Something had to change, so i started studying at home workouts and the science behind how muscles grow. I soon realized i just needed my body weight and self motivation. I am the only key to success in anything in my life and that goes the same for failure.
I definitely over came my negative mind set of thinking you had to workout one way to look the way you want. I’m not going to lie when I tell you I still have to over come myself for my fitness goals. I have to give up time for study and workouts, I have to give up unhealthy foods and drinks that hinder me from my fitness goals, I have to create a community that has the same mind set and makes me feel like i am on the path to acheiveing my goals. I had to really find the deep dark reason why i wanted to party and be drunk and get passed that to be the motivational fit guru I prayed to be one day.
How did you create your work out place?
Now my gym is anywhere i want to workout. The first workout place I ever had was my back yard as a child. I had a batting cages, trampolines, dirt bikes, and alot of trees so I would climb the batting cage to the top and do pull ups, jump off the top on to the trampoline and go ride my dirt bike to a tree i would climb and just be a monkey on.
Before when I didnt have a gym i would find heavy rocks and over head squat them or lift them anyway i could to work certain muscles. These days I do have a gym I go to three times a week to lift heavy and better target muscle groups but the other four days my gym is the world. I love to sprint up and down steep steep hills to really burn my legs and feel them grow. I have a stoop pouch that i love to do all forms of yoga on to help my mind body and soul really connect.
Pushups can be done anywhere and they are the basic and most benificial workout you can do, I do atleast 100 throughout the day.
via Rufio Bell
via Rufio Bell
What did you research to balance your nutrition? 
I did so much research on nutrition, I am a binge purge kinda guy. I also come from a mother that had an eating disorder that I later found I had inherited. As a female I would workout and try to be muscular and bulky to look more masculine. When i finally came out as trans I hated my hips and didn’t really look at how to fix that. I was pretty low at that point, my body dysphoria caused me to get into drugs and I partied a lot and ate almost nothing. I did get skinny, never lost my hips and felt worse becasue i didnt feel strong anymore.
At that point I’d had enough, I had to make a change. I started doing a lot of research on what foods have in them and how they effect your body. I have learned that there is just too many bad things our food has in it in America, mostly the meat! So I studied veganisim and found that honestly it’s the best way to go. I am now positive that the food you put in your body is the biggest factor to how you feel and look! Most people do not get all the nutriton and vitamins they need cuz its all dead in proccessed foods.
Fun fact: Most people dont know that microwaving veggies just makes them hot and kills every nutrtional value in it!. Protein from plants is clean and healthy and digests quickly to get in your body, meat depending on the person can take up to three days to digest! If you’re wondering why your bloated!
Most of my food research came from the ACC personal training book, forks over knives, cowspiricy, and reading how the FDA is just for the government to get bad foods on the table of Americans to make money. I read every lable and the less ingredents the better!
Whats your favorite meal?
My favorite meal is probably veggie sushi or green curry tofu
Were there days that you didn’t meet your goals?
There are many days I didnt meet my goal and there still are. These are the days that I can look back on and make me go even hard when I finally get the motivation. It makes me want to get that days goal and the other days I missed goals all in one day.
How did you react to those days?
I react to those days with a movie and comfort food. Mostly because it’s my brain or body saying dude we need some me time. So I let myself be a bum for a day or two, if its three then I’m worried.
What got you back on track?
To get back on track I usually listen to motivational speeches, rewrite my goals on my bathroom mirror so I have to read them even if I wasnt planing on it. I look at myself and say dude why? I reply why not? If I dont have a legit answer to why I am not pursueing my fitness goals I smoke a bowl and go to the gym. Once at the gym or doing my workout anywhere I become happy and wonder why I even go down.
What a lot of people don’t understand is getting to the point where you workout is the hardest part. The workout actully is amazing for them once they are done. It’s just getting the motivation to get up and actully get there
Would you say you’re at your fitness goal now, or are you still looking to either lean out of bulk up, etc.?
I am far far from my fitness goals but i am 10000 times closer than I was when I started! I want to have more muscle mass and be leaner. but i also want to show the world that having muscle mass and being lean is not being under 10 percent body fat. What a lot of people don’t know is that if your body is under 10 percent it is actully shutting down. The only way to have abs and be big and strong is to eat clean and workout as hard as you can everytime you do. I am in the proccess of getting my personal training license and nutrition degree. I just want to help others through working out and eating healthy to help them see that eating healthy and being active doesn’t just change your body it changes your outlook on yourself and the world.
What would you say to those just starting, or that have maybe hit their rut?
If you have just started I want to encourage you to try all forms of workouts!!! Weights are not the only way to muscle mass, and running isn’t the only way to weight lose! If you have never worked out with weights please do a boot camp body weight style of workout and with time you will build and help ready your body for weights and your body will adapt and grow better than if you just jumped in to weights with no form or clue of if you can even lift your own bodyweight.
If you are in a rut I suggest writing your goals down. Your daily goals and long term goals. Then look at them everyday and say them out load. Look at pictures of the progress you have made when ever you make it. Listen to motivational speeches, drop and do ten push ups, and if your endorphines didn’t make you want to keep going then hell man, call me and I will help you see that the rut is not worth the progress you could be making.
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