Where and When to Wear Your ‘This is What Trans Looks Like’ shirt

I felt like I lost a sense of community when I transitioned and I enjoy wearing the shirt to identify publicly in safe spaces...

First, I would say it did good to mention where you can get our This is What Trans Looks Like shirts – We launched the shirt design in 2015 exclusively at ftmmagazine.com, then later branched out to its own store to offer a wider variety of sizes, colors, and to cater to the trans-feminine side as well. That site name is thisiswhattranslookslike.com

I own quiet a bit of different colors in the design, and there is a rumor that it’s being redesigned soon so I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting the 2.0 version when it comes out too.

But it’s not every day that I’ll wear a graphic T with writing on it and I wanted to let you know when I did choose to wear it, if you’re like me on the shirts. You can decide if you frequent these establishments and such, and use the shirts like I’ve found I do.

Jake Graf | London Pride

Where do I wear this shirt?
To LGBT bars, pride events, and conferences
I’ve found a lot of other trans people who have blended back into the binary wish to wear these shirts to identify themselves to their community members when they’re in groups of high volume LGBT+ers. I felt like I lost a sense of community when I transitioned and I enjoy wearing the shirt to identify publicly.

Even those that are less binary, I’ve seen, enjoy this shirt because it helps identify each other. Like a secret hand shake.

When do I wear them?
When I feel safe, political, or when I feel like visibility would be beneficial
There have been times when we’ve gone to lobby for human rights in Albany and D.C. and this shirt has been my way of coming out to anyone who looks at me. Those are times I felt like it was politically needed, but I also felt safe in the company I was in. I wouldn’t wear it to a crowd with an unknown mix of ideas. For this reason I also might wear it to something like comic con, or warped tour, for visibility’s sake.