Where can you purchase a packer?

If you have access to a credit card, or PayPal account purchasing a packer online is simple. If you do not have access to these, there are many novelty and sex toy stores that have started to carry items needs by the trans community. Items such as harnesses, boxer-harnesses, Buck Angel’s line of toys, and packers.

The team from FTM Magazine owns and operates a Masculine Prosthetics and Sexual Items store online at HeartOnToys.com – And custom realistic packers at CustomHeartOns.com.

How can I make one at home?

There are a few ways that the community has taken to packing without a packer.

To use a sock:
You’ll need… a sock

First, lay the sock out flat (preferably a clean sock)
Then fold both sides toward the heel curve to form what would resemble an upside-down house, or home plate in baseball.
Tuck this into the pocket folds of your boxers.
This method won’t pass inspection, but under pants it will cause a bulge.

Condoms and Hair Gel?:
You’ll need six condoms and some cheap hair gel.

Using your first condom, fill to the desired length for your ‘shaft’
Tie the top like a balloon, and slip another condom over it for leak protection.
Use the remaining four (double bagged) to create balls, tying them like the first one.
Bring all of the separate pieces together in one final tie.
To go a bit further – use the foot of a stocking as a pouch to give the make-shift packer skin coloring.

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