Why labels DO matter

If you want a label maker for Christmas, you go get yourself a label maker for Christmas.

I used to look at labels like we didn’t need all of this information, stop. I used to roll my eyes! – But after I read all of these stories coming into the magazine, I’ve learned about what makes things I hadn’t thought about before make sense… How does a Non-Binary FTM make sense? How do those two labels come together to mean a small variation from those that identify as just FTM or just Non-Binary? And what surprised me the most was that that was actually exactly how I feel inside too! It was such a tiny light of ‘no one had ever said those words to me in that order and it made sense…’

For the sake of storytelling: What makes non-binary and FTM make sense together is that gender identity says they’re a man, they identify as male, but they don’t associate gender with day-to-day things so they can’t be expected to behave like a man or woman by activities, hobbies, or mannerisms. It gives just a slight difference from those that embrace and enjoy a more binary style of living. It also gives a little bit more of a lean toward the masculine side than those that typically identify as non-binary.

A small evolution inside of our community where ‘yes, we were born with a body part but no, that body part does not dictate as much as we thought.’


And Hash Tag # I want to understand the road map of self discovery that you’ve been on to lead you to the labels that articulate, for now, the you-est you.

Language and words are forever changing and evolving. How could we think so small as to think it was done? New words are natural inside of a new community. We JUST started having any visibility and wide-spread connective networks, we still have emotions and differences that can no longer all fit under the same umbrella term. We are more unique than the monologue of the ‘transgender life’ can sustain.

….. #gotalittlepreachythere

Label yourself… Collect them like Scout Badges and display them proudly. They are you!

Jason – autodidact, Scientist, INTJ, Taurus, Enneagram ‘4’, femininity-sexual, Two-Spirit, Hufflepuff… There’s the map, I’ll see you when you get here.